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Semi 1919a4 Building

If you\'re building a semi 1919a4 from a parts kit, this is the place to be.
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50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG

This discussion is for fans of the big boy, the 50 BMG rifle in its various forms.
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Full Auto 1919a4

Some of you are lucky enough to own an NFA 1919a4...this is your forum!
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With so many tripods out there, this is a forum devoted to \'em.
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Belt Loaders

They are often tricky to work with, but they sure beats sore fingers!! This forum is where we can talk about belt loaders!
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Tech Forum

This is a forum where mods will copy theads with technical info that could be useful to those doing their own semi build!
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The Ammo Dump

This is the place to discuss ammo, be it good, bad or just ugly!!
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1919a4 Videos

If it\'s a video that has something to do with 1919a4\'s, post it here!
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Gun Stuff


So you like to play with the Big Boys aye? This is your forum...
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M1 Carbine: Technical & Historical

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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WWI, WWII Bolt Action Rifles- Tech/Historical Info

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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If you\'re new to reloading, or are an expert, this is the forum for you!
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M1 Garand - Technical & Historical information

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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Water Cooled

Brownings, Vickers, Maxims, etc. If it steams, it belongs here!
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Misc Firearms

This is the place where non-1919 firearm related posts go!
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Buy, Sell, Trade, etc.

Featured Ads

This forum is for featured ads, which are ads from members who are subscribers.
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1919a4 Ad Board

If you\'re buying or selling a 1919-related item, this is where the ad should go.
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M1 Carbine

Buy, Sell, Trade M1 and M1-related items.
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M1 Garand

Buy, Sell, Trade M1 Garand and M1 Garand-releated items.
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WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles

Buy, Sell, Trade WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles and accessories.
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Other Military Firearms

Buy, Sell, Trade Other Military Firearms
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Misc Ad Board

If you\'re buying or selling anything NOT directly related to 1919s, your ad should go here!
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Group Buys

With so many deals going on, this forum is dedicated specifically to group buys.
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1919a4.com Raffles, Misc and Garage Sales

All sales from this forum go to the support of this site---keeping it up and running.
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Misc. Wanted Ads

If you\'re looking for something special, this is the forum where you can post your want ads!
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New Member Introductions

A place for new members to say hello and introduce themselves!
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Open Talk

This is where we can discuss anything that doesn\'t belong in any of the other forums!
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Site Feedback

Got a suggestion for the site? Something to get off your chest? This is the place for all site-related feedback.
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Preparedness and Survival

Anyone with a brain is prepared to be prepared...and this is the forum to discuss your preparedness efforts, links to other site, supplies, etc.
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Political Flames

Yes, finally a forum where you can discuss politics, tinfoil hat theories and other topics that won\'t appear on the home page!
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Skull & Bones

This is a forum where paid subscribers can relax and talk about anything.
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Scheduled Events

If you\'ve got an upcoming belt-fed shoot coming up, you can announce and discuss it here!
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Vendor Deals

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