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Semi 1919a4 Building

If you\'re building a semi 1919a4 from a parts kit, this is the place to be.
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50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG

This discussion is for fans of the big boy, the 50 BMG rifle in its various forms.
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Full Auto 1919a4

Some of you are lucky enough to own an NFA 1919a4...this is your forum!
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With so many tripods out there, this is a forum devoted to \'em.
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Belt Loaders

They are often tricky to work with, but they sure beats sore fingers!! This forum is where we can talk about belt loaders!
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Tech Forum

This is a forum where mods will copy theads with technical info that could be useful to those doing their own semi build!
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The Ammo Dump

This is the place to discuss ammo, be it good, bad or just ugly!!
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1919a4 Videos

If it\'s a video that has something to do with 1919a4\'s, post it here!
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Gun Stuff


So you like to play with the Big Boys aye? This is your forum...
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M1 Carbine: Technical & Historical

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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WWI, WWII Bolt Action Rifles- Tech/Historical Info

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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If you\'re new to reloading, or are an expert, this is the forum for you!
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M1 Garand - Technical & Historical information

Technical & Historical information, collecting, news, reloading, & advice.
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Water Cooled

Brownings, Vickers, Maxims, etc. If it steams, it belongs here!
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Misc Firearms

This is the place where non-1919 firearm related posts go!
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Buy, Sell, Trade, etc.

Featured Ads

This forum is for featured ads, which are ads from members who are subscribers.
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1919a4 Ad Board

If you\'re buying or selling a 1919-related item, this is where the ad should go.
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M1 Carbine

Buy, Sell, Trade M1 and M1-related items.
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M1 Garand

Buy, Sell, Trade M1 Garand and M1 Garand-releated items.
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WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles

Buy, Sell, Trade WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles and accessories.
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Other Military Firearms

Buy, Sell, Trade Other Military Firearms
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Misc Ad Board

If you\'re buying or selling anything NOT directly related to 1919s, your ad should go here!
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Group Buys

With so many deals going on, this forum is dedicated specifically to group buys.
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1919a4.com Raffles, Misc and Garage Sales

All sales from this forum go to the support of this site---keeping it up and running.
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Misc. Wanted Ads

If you\'re looking for something special, this is the forum where you can post your want ads!
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New Member Introductions

A place for new members to say hello and introduce themselves!
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Open Talk

This is where we can discuss anything that doesn\'t belong in any of the other forums!
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Preparedness and Survival

Anyone with a brain is prepared to be prepared...and this is the forum to discuss your preparedness efforts, links to other site, supplies, etc.
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Skull & Bones

This is a forum where paid subscribers can relax and talk about anything.
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Scheduled Events

If you\'ve got an upcoming belt-fed shoot coming up, you can announce and discuss it here!
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Vendor Deals

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  1. Misc Firearms
    I think I would like to have the x54R conversion for an '08. Maybe one for the Vickers too. Any help...?? heckinohioATgmail.com PJH
  2. Florida Nov 22th 2020, Sunday Shoot - Builders & Belt Fed, North of Clearwater, West of Orlando OK, I canceled the March 22nd 2020 shoot due to c19 concerns. I have been asked to hold this one by several folks that I'm guessing have been inside to long and want to come out and blow off some...
  3. OK guys what can the Vickers tripod experts tell me about this one? Both the upper and lower and matched numbers and I see no casting marks in the side of the head so I am assuming it is WWI but please enlighten me. I can tell you it has ben sitting on a shelf for over 40 years.
  4. For those of you stuck with me behind the iron curtain... Did anyone pay attention to the fact that sign away Newscum signed sb218/ab88? This basically closed the little feature about long guns, M2's fell into this "other" category. So now M2's have been deemed AW's and are no longer legal. My...
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