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  1. WTB: cheap FA 1919a4 .30 Bolt- maybe multiple depending on price. Stripped is fine.

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    shoot me a PM with your delivered price (zip 39211) . I may want up to 3. Price needs to be better than that found at the usual big shops of course. This is going on an Izzy FA gun. Need bolt/s so Troy can mod them for 54R for me. Thanks Houston PS: I have a variety of other 1919 parts if...
  2. WTS - RIA USGI Strip Bolt NOT IZZY

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    WTS - RIA USGI Strip Bolt NOT IZZY (Price Drop) WTS Rock Island Stripped Bolt 30-06. Excellent Condition, minor scratches from handling and storage. $75 + S&H. PM With any questions [price adjusted AGAIN]