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  1. WTB two 1919a4 .308 cal

    1919a4 Ad Board
    I'm looking to buy two 1919a4 in .308 cal in working condition. Feel free to text or call 972-seven, six, two-3111. Thanks. Sam
  2. 1919A4 Ejector Cams New KMP

    Semi 1919a4 Building
    Here you go! If anyone is looking for Ejector Cams we got them in stock.
  3. WTB: cheap FA 1919a4 .30 Bolt- maybe multiple depending on price. Stripped is fine.

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    shoot me a PM with your delivered price (zip 39211) . I may want up to 3. Price needs to be better than that found at the usual big shops of course. This is going on an Izzy FA gun. Need bolt/s so Troy can mod them for 54R for me. Thanks Houston PS: I have a variety of other 1919 parts if...
  4. Trunion issue

    Tech Forum
    I'm a new 1919 owner and iv noticed a dent area of wear thru the aft portion of my trunion protector into the trunion near the rear corner of the feedway. douse the extractor arm tend to cause wear here?...ill get a pic later once I read up on how to upload here...
  5. 1919 linking machine - how much is it worth?

    Belt Loaders
    I have a linking machine for my (former) 1919 and am wondering what it is worth and is there a market for it. I also have a a 'friend' who has a bunch of linked ammo for the 1919. Can it be sold in California if it is in links of no more than 10 or are there any other restrictions to be aware...
  6. Anybody ever dream of owning a brand new in the wrap 303 Enfield?

    WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles
    http://www.gunbroker.com/item/714840503 IRISH ENFIELD - NO. 4 MK2 - CAL. 303 IN THE WRAPPER I have owned this gun for over 20 years. I hate to sell it but I need the funds. C&R is OK. I have the original shipping box, bayonet and scabbard. $20.00 shipping and I pack well and ship fast! Last...
  7. on gunbroker PPSH-41 kit with uncut shroud and trunion, drum and repair part

    Other Military Firearms
    http://www.gunbroker.com/item/710245057 Bulgarian ppsh-41 parts kit with drum. stick mag, sling, repair section and template. Anyone want to build a post sample classic in less than an hour? You dont see these 2 saw cut kits come up for sale anymore. i have owned this kit for over 25 years and...
  8. WTS: 1919a4 7.62x51mm w/ Butterfly Trigger

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    Hey All, Selling my 7.62x51mm 1919a4. It's got a Dixson Machine right side plate, a new butterfly trigger setup, M6 flash hider, extended charging handle, and carry handle (thanks to mminvestments for those extra observations). I'm tossing in ~350 rounds (haven't counted the precise number) of...
  9. Wtb m37 full extractor assembly

    Semi 1919a4 Building
    Does anyone have a Browning M37 Full Extractor Assembly for sale please??? If so, please email me [email protected] Thanks!!! -Daniel
  10. WTB/WTT: ZB26 Live Barrel or kit, trade/cash

    Misc Ad Board
    Looking for original ZB26 barrel or barrels. Not interested in demilled barrels. Trade material: 1919 parts, New production guns, Norinco 84s-3, 8mmK Ammo, Rem700P, etc. Pm with details, Thanks!
  11. WTS NFA Reg Transferrable DLO 1919a4 Machinegun $16,000.00

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    Transferrable DLO built gun 7.62Nato. Has custom feed chute adapter for Standard Armament Minigun/M60D type feed chute installed. (feed chute & tripod not included). I am selling the gun only; the only accessories included are the carry handle and feed chute adapter. This would be perfect for...
  12. 1919a4 iwi 308 barrels

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    I have 3 new iwi 762x51 (308) barrels for sale best offer . I purchased these as to have them imported to canada to use on my TNW 1919 non restricted but no go as the importer changed his mind. So they remain in the USA. 150.00 US plus the ride I wlll only sell the 3 at once. Can only ship or...
  13. WTS 1919a4 3006 metal links USPS large flat rate box full for $40.00 shipped

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    I made my gun a dedicated 7.62nato gun so I am selling off my 3006 stuff. I need to clear out some room so I am selling the 1919 30cal/3006 metal links $40.00 for as many as I can cram into a large USPS flat rate box. I need the space. Payment to be made via USPS or personal check if you want...