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  1. 1919A4 308 complete gun for sale

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    For sale is one Original Browning 1919A4 Machinegun rebuilt to Semiautomatic configuration. This is a John McGuire build from Tennessee. Built on a original US GI parts that were modified by Israeli Military industries to operate in .308 caliber. This weapon was hand disassembled, inspected...
  2. 1919A4 Barrel Covers??

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    I just bought a M8 and a M9 Barrel covers. The M9 Barrel cover seems to be the perfect length and everything. but the thing that confuses me is the M8 is like 37 inches long. and I have no clue what it is for. My best guess is a Garand barrel or more probable a M2 Browning .50 cal barrel. Any...
  3. WTS 7.62Nato German Dag 200rd Battlepacks

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    WTS 200rd battlepacks of German DAG 7.62Nato/.308 This is great ammo to feed to your 1919a4 beast. 147grn berdan primed non-corrosive goodness. Comes in the original sealed battlepack of 200rds. When was the last time you saw this ammo available yet alone less than a dollar per round. Have 10...