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  1. 50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG
    Looking for a complete M2HB & a complete parts kit gun. Please let me know if you have anything. Cash buyer located in STL Mo
  2. 50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG
    Hi guys I’m new to this form and have already for it to be very helpful, informative and educational. My grandfather got me into hunting and shooting at a very young age and I fell in love with the sport and community. That being said I am a much older man now and unfortunately my grandfather...
  3. Misc Ad Board
    Anyone looking for a MOAT hand crank for the 50 BMG M2HB? I have a spare and was cleaning out the closet this weekend. $2,750 to board members or I'll be placing it on ebay shortly. Just looking to get what I paid for it. Run faster than a full auto with no waiting period. Please make...
  4. The Ammo Dump
    I have some MK211 Raufoss 50 BMG ammo for sale. The real stuff. I'm buying a piece of Realestate and have decided to let some of this out of my personal collection. It's legit and I will guarantee it w a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. I purchased it through a very legitimate source and I...
1-4 of 4 Results