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  1. The Ammo Dump
    I am planning on buying a can of 8mm ammo from SGAmmo and wanted the brain trusts opinion. There is a 380 round can for sale of Romanian steel case made in the 1970's-80's, I have used this plenty and never had any issues with it. There is also another can of Romanian BRASS case made in the...
  2. 1919a4 Ad Board
    I have 2 NOS 1917 barrels in 8mm that are surplus to my needs. $225 each, plus actual shipping. Thanks, jon
    $225 USD
  3. Other Military Firearms
    I bought the gun a couple months ago from ice house MFG and I’ve decided to get more into NFA stuff, hence why I am selling it. Please have an idea what you’re buying before you want to buy it. A level of knowledge on these is required just like the 1919 for safe operation. Anyhow, here’s what...
  4. Other Military Firearms
    M53 Top cover and feed tray $130 M53 Booster, muzzle cone, and barrel guide $65 PayPal is preferred.
  5. The Ammo Dump
    Looking to see what is the going rate for the tins of 1950's Yugo 8mm ammo in the 900 round tins. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  6. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Going through my gear I don't use and have 8 tins of 900 rounds (don't remember exactly ) of yugo 8mm. Tins are sealed and have been kept in AC room. Selling each tin $300.00 plus shipping. Any question please feel free to ask need your zipcode inorder to calculate shipping. I am also trying to...
1-6 of 6 Results