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  1. The Ammo Dump
    What's a fair price for 1966 dated LC 30-06 dated 400 round spam can, a friend of mine has 2 for sale and was curious about value... Thanks jason
  2. 50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG
    Hi guys I’m new to this form and have already for it to be very helpful, informative and educational. My grandfather got me into hunting and shooting at a very young age and I fell in love with the sport and community. That being said I am a much older man now and unfortunately my grandfather...
  3. The Ammo Dump
    All, I have this wooden box that says it is 8mm Bredda ammo. I have many cardboard boxes stashed away from 1937-1942 with this ammo still tied up with twine. There looks to be about 1300 or more rounds of ammunition. all of it plus the wooden box $500.00 I have no idea of the condition of...
  4. Misc Ad Board
    I have to make room in the shop, wanted to do a bullet board but will never get around to it. If anyone is close enough to do a local pickup (73 miles west of Houston) come shop...I have tons of stuff...but this is all I have time to list for now. All of this ammo has no promise behind it...
  5. The Ammo Dump
    Looking to see what is the going rate for the tins of 1950's Yugo 8mm ammo in the 900 round tins. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  6. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Going through my gear I don't use and have 8 tins of 900 rounds (don't remember exactly ) of yugo 8mm. Tins are sealed and have been kept in AC room. Selling each tin $300.00 plus shipping. Any question please feel free to ask need your zipcode inorder to calculate shipping. I am also trying to...
  7. The Ammo Dump
    WTS 200rd battlepacks of German DAG 7.62Nato/.308 This is great ammo to feed to your 1919a4 beast. 147grn berdan primed non-corrosive goodness. Comes in the original sealed battlepack of 200rds. When was the last time you saw this ammo available yet alone less than a dollar per round. Have 10...
  8. The Ammo Dump
    Trying to thin out my collection a bit. Hopefully if I can find a decent job I will be moving soon. WTS Ukrainian 7.62x39 ammo 1000rd case $450.00 per case shipped. Several cases available. Payment via USPS money order. Not for sale where prohibited by law. If your in my neck of the woods I...
1-8 of 8 Results