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  1. DSCN6027.JPG

    M1918A2 BAR monopod / stock rest
  2. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    The problem with the OOW 1918A3 BAR is it has no bolt open, which makes it an issue when removing the handguard/gas tube assembly, or at a public range where they require the bolt to be open and magazine removed during a cease fire. I saw on another forum where an individual made a bolt-hold...
  3. Other Military Firearms
    FN-Da1, with ALL receiver parts, set up in .308. I got this in trade years ago and just ran across it again the other day. I have not done anything with it. It was as you see it when I got it. I did not do any of the welding on it, and think it should be cut back apart and welded up by a...
    $3,000 USD
  4. Misc. Wanted Ads
    Hello all, I have struck out so far in finding copies of ordnance drawings for the "machine rifle ammunition chest M1". I received one this week from ebay and it's a restoration project. It's lacking the 2 wooden dividers for the magazines as well as the woolen felt type material as...
1-4 of 4 Results