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  1. WWI & WWII Bolt Action Rifles
    SEEKING PARTS for 1905 Canadian Ross Mkll rifle. Does anybody know of anything out there including the availability of wood from receiver forward? No discussion on death-trap models, please. I've heard that story more than enough.
    $100 USD
  2. Semi 1919a4 Building
    Went to shoot my semi-auto M1919 for the first time and it made it through a dozen or so rounds before it stripped a casing and left it in the barrel. I’m assuming I’ll need to order a new barrel but: 1. how does this happen/how can I prevent this in the future? 2. is there a way to get the...
  3. Other Military Firearms
    Looking for an VZ61 skorpion barrel and bolt... A complete upper is okay as well... Lemme know your prices
  4. Semi 1919a4 Building
    I bought a 30-06 barrel from Sarco, $79 and in stock. It cleaned up well and looks like a great $79 barrel. However, I can find no markings on it to confirm the caliber. It’s definitely a 1919 barrel. Is there any way I can confirm that it’s 30-06? TIA for any helpful advice.
  5. Misc Ad Board
    Have two M2 barrels for sale. Asking $700 for the pair plus shipping. If you have any questions or want other pictures please PM me. As for trades I'm looking for Thompson M1 or M1A1 spare parts or 1919a6 parts or 1919a4 spare parts The barrel with the carrying handle has been shot but the...
1-5 of 5 Results