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  1. 30-06 barrel with no markings

    Semi 1919a4 Building
    I bought a 30-06 barrel from Sarco, $79 and in stock. It cleaned up well and looks like a great $79 barrel. However, I can find no markings on it to confirm the caliber. It’s definitely a 1919 barrel. Is there any way I can confirm that it’s 30-06? TIA for any helpful advice.
  2. WTS/WTT 2 M2HB barrels

    Misc Ad Board
    Have two M2 barrels for sale. Asking $700 for the pair plus shipping. If you have any questions or want other pictures please PM me. As for trades I'm looking for Thompson M1 or M1A1 spare parts or 1919a6 parts or 1919a4 spare parts The barrel with the carrying handle has been shot but the...