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  1. Misc Ad Board
    I have a large amount of 300 blackout brass for sale. Asking .15/each. They are new manufacture from once fired .223 brass. They have never been fired as a 300. They got wet in a flood and I dried them out in an oven immediately, but a little tumble may be desired. I can take credit card or...
  2. The Ammo Dump
    I have Greek HXP and Lake City brass casings for sale. I have them bagged up in bags of 100 in the following amounts: Greek HXP 3006 casings x 11 bags of 100 = 1100 HXP Greek casings Lake City 3006 casings x 1 bag of 100 = 100 Lake City casings Lake City & HXP Greek Mixed x 1 bag of 100 = 100...
1-2 of 2 Results