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  1. ISO Bren gun builder

    Other Military Firearms
    Howdy All I recently bought a Bren MkII kit and am looking for someone who can put it together for me. I have all the pieces, just not the equipment to assemble it. Any help is appreciated
  2. WTB Pre May Keeper Bren LMG or other Neat Pre May keeper

    Misc. Wanted Ads
    I'm looking to buy a Pre sample Pre may keeper Bren light machinegun. I think I'd rather have a MKI but would consider a MKII if priced right drums and other accessories are a plus. I'm looking for a reasonably priced gun. Not looking to spend transferrable prices for a Pre May keeper gun. I am...
  3. WTK Value of a Pre May .303 Bren Going Price etc..

    Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    I am wondering what the going value is for Pre May Dealer Sample Bren Guns these days. Is there a big difference in price between a MK1 Bren and a MK2? I know the L4A2 version is rare and expensive. I am mainly looking at the older .303 guns. I've seen some really over priced guns and some that...
  4. WTB/WTT: ZB26 Live Barrel or kit, trade/cash

    Misc Ad Board
    Looking for original ZB26 barrel or barrels. Not interested in demilled barrels. Trade material: 1919 parts, New production guns, Norinco 84s-3, 8mmK Ammo, Rem700P, etc. Pm with details, Thanks!
  5. I got me a Bren lower

    Open Talk
    Ok I know I've been away for a long while. BUT I got me a complete Bren lower and not sure what to do with it. Looks to have never been cut and as far as I can tell complete. Trying to see what my options can be, lucky for me the wife is as much into shooting as I am so. I'm looking for ideas...
  6. For Sale: Tripods and Gun Mount

    Misc Ad Board
    For Sale: MG42 Tripod- EXCELLENT I have the following mounts for sale: Bren tripod-super clean no dents, no rust, stops included--- SOLD German MG42/MG1/Mg3 tripod w/optics-Close to New as it gets $425.00 (Night vision scope for this tripod available at extra cost) Israeli Lightweight...