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  1. Misc. Wanted Ads
    Dear Everyone! I am looking for a Browning .303 MK II Muzzle (booster). It does not matter if it comes with or without a jacket or barrel or flash hider, but I'd like one in a nice condition (it doesn't have to be mint). I am located in the EU, so I am looking for someone who could help me find...
  2. Open Talk
    Hello Everyone! I am glad I found this forum and I really hope someone can help me. I am looking the above mentioned part and I am located in the EU. I know it is not that easy to ship this part but since I have seen it many times before I am pretty sure we can figure out something. Let me know...
  3. Full Auto 1919a4
    What type of flash hider will fit on an original 30-06 M1919A4 that has been rechamber to 7.62x51/308?
  4. Misc. Wanted Ads
    Hello everyone. I have a 1919a4, 7.62 x 51 with a 308 booster on it. I have a crank on it as well and can achieve almost maximum efficiency. I would like to swap out the booster and put on a M6 flash hider. I know that you do not have to modify the .30-06 M6 flash hider to make it work on a...
1-4 of 4 Results