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  1. Other Military Firearms
    I have an almost complete FN30 kit (missing bolt spring and rod) chambered in 7.62. As is. It has some extra parts. Plus rivets. See picture. Profiled right side plate can be included. The thickness is for autos. Im trying to raise money for a fully built 1919. Contact me with any questions or...
    $2,750 USD
  2. Semi 1919a4 Building
    Does anyone know where I can get a FN30 bolt handle? I am in desperate need of one and if I can't find one then I would be willing to have a metal shop make one for me...any help there would also be appreciated. As a last resort I am also willing to buy an entire kit from anyone since I could...
  3. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Selling (1) FN-30 parts set - ground gun - barrel is marked 7.62 Includes all the parts in the picture $1200.00 shipping included
  4. Other Military Firearms
    Selling (1) FN30 ground gun parts set - 7.62x51 As pictured with left sideplate - looks to be complete $1100.00 plus shipping.
1-4 of 4 Results