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  1. Semi 1919a4 Building
    Are internal parts interchangeable? Can bolts be swapped around? If you have 12 semi auto builds, with all semi modifications following the same guide, can they be swapped around? Likewise, on USGI FA m1919s, can their internals be readily moved around? Thank you.
  2. Full Auto 1919a4
    Howdy, I have recently gotten a FA M1919A4, it has the 30-06 right rear cartridge stop, I realize you can still shoot .308 with this however it is both very annoying and less reliable, if there any way to switch this to a .308 Israeli one or even modify it in the gun by basically cutting off the...
  3. Full Auto 1919a4
    Does anyone have a lead on 7.62 stamped links? I have a 1919 full auto that will not feed the "Universal Links" Thank you for any help!
  4. Full Auto 1919a4
    What type of flash hider will fit on an original 30-06 M1919A4 that has been rechamber to 7.62x51/308?
  5. Full Auto 1919a4
    I recently picked up a full auto plate gun from a collector. This is my first time to have a full auto belt gun let alone a 1919a4. Then I assembled the gun it will not work. Something is wrong with trigger bolt will not reset and cocks inconsistently about 1/3 of the time. Going to see if Jeff...
  6. 50 Cal, M2HB, 50 BMG
    I purchased this awhile ago from a reputable dealer, it has never fired full auto, it fires one round. the barrel will not seat in the receiver and just ratchets. I was hoping someone might have a quick idea before I send to Desert Ord. Thank you, I hope they find a cure for the Corona as I...
  7. Misc Ad Board
    Anyone looking for a MOAT hand crank for the 50 BMG M2HB? I have a spare and was cleaning out the closet this weekend. $2,750 to board members or I'll be placing it on ebay shortly. Just looking to get what I paid for it. Run faster than a full auto with no waiting period. Please make...
  8. 1919a4 Ad Board
    NFA Registered Transferrable DLO built gun setup in 7.62Nato. Has custom feed chute adapter for Standard Armament Minigun/M60D type feed chute (feed chute not included). This would be perfect for a Predator Pack type setup. Has a custom carry handle made from a D2 Kabar fighting knife hilt and...
1-8 of 8 Results