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  1. Other Military Firearms
    WTS: MG3 Bundeswehr Ground Tripod (Complete with Optics) & Yugo M53 Lafette 42 Tripod Selling off some MG tripods I no longer use. --- The MG3 post-war Bundeswehr tripod is in good condition. Have used it with my TNW MG-34 with a Lafette 42 adapter block with no modifications done to the...
  2. Other Military Firearms
    M53 Top cover and feed tray $130 M53 Booster, muzzle cone, and barrel guide $65 PayPal is preferred.
  3. Tripods
    I recently inherited some good old fashioned American WWII-era firepower in the form of an Israeli kit 1919, along with what I believe to be an authentic portable mount for a German MG42 light machine gun. Despite some thorough research I haven't been able to come up with reliable information...
  4. The Ammo Dump
    WTS 200rd battlepacks of German DAG 7.62Nato/.308 This is great ammo to feed to your 1919a4 beast. 147grn berdan primed non-corrosive goodness. Comes in the original sealed battlepack of 200rds. When was the last time you saw this ammo available yet alone less than a dollar per round. Have 10...
1-4 of 4 Results