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  1. Browning M1917A1 T-shirts

    attention... not spam and definitely no scam* The Quartermaster's Footlocker is a small business located in central Ohio Take a look at our new Browning M1917A1 design. Currently available in military green, khaki, oxford gray, and white. Ranging from sizes adult small through 5X. Order yours...
  2. Water Cooled
    I recently received a M1917A1 parts kit from RTI. It came with a flash hider instead of the flat muzzle gland, was the flash hider actually used in combat? The pictures I've found of GI's using the 17A1 show it with just a basic muzzle gland (which I would like to find).
  3. Misc. Wanted Ads
    Hello, I wonder if you could help me I am looking for a number of original ww2 US Browning M1917a1 accessories I am based in the U.K. and found many companies in the U.S. will not post out to me, The accessories I am looking for are as followed, Pin T&E 1917a1 cradle with chain, Rear water...
  4. Other Military Firearms
    Left overs from various display gun projects: If interested, please PM with shipping address so I can estimate postage. Can send additional pics Postal MOs preferred; Personal checks - once they clear, will ship. SORRY - Sales ONLY to U.S. based buyers, shipped to U.S. address (NO APO)...
  5. Tripods
    I have gathered all the parts to assemble my cradle with the new repro fork. But I need four small screws described in the 17A1 TM as: Screw, fil-hd No. 6 (0.138) – 40NF – 2x 5/16 2 screws mount Traversing Screw Bearing to outside of left side plate; 2 screws mount Traversing Click...
  6. Tripods
    Looking for an uncut right side plate with mil marks. Have the left with ammo can bracket. Will buy Send a PM if you have one to sell. Thank you.
1-6 of 6 Results