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  1. Full Auto 1919a4
    Hi, all. I was just re-reading a thread I posted way back in July of 2012. I didn't want to necro a decade-old thread, but I'll point to it here: First time out with the 1919A6 - good news and bad news Towards the end of that thread, there was some discussion between @Lucky#13 and...
  2. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Hey guys, I’m trying to sell a few 1919 things I no longer have the need for -M13 spare parts roll. Included is what is pictured. A spare extractor assembly, firing pin, charging handle, a recoil spring, and the lever for the top cover. I’m looking for $225 for it all - 1 250rnd belt. Not...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, my name is Steve and I own a M1919 with side plate that says it was made by U.S. Ordnance. came with pistol and spade grips and a never installed Emory Jones Crank fire unit. I bought the gun probably 10-12 years ago and have never shot it nor know anything about it. I had it out of...
  4. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Hi all, looking for a m1919 belt loader and 308 conversion..... seems you have to know someone to get one of these. Looking for something functional vs historically accurate, as I am helping feed the semi auto 1918s in my unit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Semi 1919a4 Building
    Finally (after what seems like forever) we've had a dry spell. We manage to get to the range today. Probably put 70 or so rounds threw the 1919. I am having some feed issues. It would shoot fine, then it would not pull the round out of the links. It acts like the extractor is not grabbing...
1-5 of 5 Results