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  1. WTB Pre May Keeper Bren LMG or other Neat Pre May keeper

    Misc. Wanted Ads
    I'm looking to buy a Pre sample Pre may keeper Bren light machinegun. I think I'd rather have a MKI but would consider a MKII if priced right drums and other accessories are a plus. I'm looking for a reasonably priced gun. Not looking to spend transferrable prices for a Pre May keeper gun. I am...
  2. WTK Value of a Pre May .303 Bren Going Price etc..

    Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    I am wondering what the going value is for Pre May Dealer Sample Bren Guns these days. Is there a big difference in price between a MK1 Bren and a MK2? I know the L4A2 version is rare and expensive. I am mainly looking at the older .303 guns. I've seen some really over priced guns and some that...
  3. WTS NFA Reg Transferrable DLO 1919a4 Machinegun $16,000.00

    1919a4 Ad Board
    Transferrable DLO built gun 7.62Nato. Has custom feed chute adapter for Standard Armament Minigun/M60D type feed chute installed. (feed chute & tripod not included). I am selling the gun only; the only accessories included are the carry handle and feed chute adapter. This would be perfect for...
  4. WTS Transferrable FA DLO 1919a4 Beltfed Machinegun

    1919a4 Ad Board
    NFA Registered Transferrable DLO built gun setup in 7.62Nato. Has custom feed chute adapter for Standard Armament Minigun/M60D type feed chute (feed chute not included). This would be perfect for a Predator Pack type setup. Has a custom carry handle made from a D2 Kabar fighting knife hilt and...
  5. WTS/WTT Romanian 7.62x25mm Tokarev ammo, 1919a4 parts, TNW M230 trade for Machineguns

    The Ammo Dump
    For sale Rare Romanian 7.62x25mm Brass Cased FMJ in the original 1224rd Tins. 1980s Surplus. Does not get any rarer or better than this. $525.00 per spam can. Am looking to trade up or down toward Transferrable Machineguns or Pre-Sample machineguns. And if it's a good deal possibly post sample...