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  1. M1914 Marlin Potato Digger Tripod - looking for tripod or parts to tripod

    Looking to acquire a M1914 tripod for the Marlin version of the Potato Digger. The short leg version with the wooden elbow rest. Or parts I need to rebuild an existing one. Parts - all handles to tighten down the cradle, elevation and traverse; pin to mount gun onto cradle. Legs both front...
  2. M1914 Marlin "Potato Digger" Tripod - Need Dimensions

    All - over the fall I acquired a tripod for the Marlin Potato Digger (WWI version of Colt). The tripod was a wreck, came out of an old VFW years ago and looks like someone dropped if from the roof of the building on the way out. Legs were broken off, the tripod base and the swivel base to...