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  1. Other Military Firearms
    I have a very nice 1910 maxim jacket for sale. No dents, and lots of original paint. It is NOT a snow cap!!! $500 plus actual shipping. If this price is out of line, please pm me and let me know. It’s kinda hard to find pricing on these lately.
    $500 USD
  2. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    I have a Russian Maxim left side plate with the center section missing, cut right thru the feed block right corner and the opening for such. Can someone measure the width of the opening in the plate for the feed block on the left plate? Also if anyone has a really junk feed block with the right...
  3. Water Cooled
    Howdy folks. I recently bought one of the rustiest registered MG08/15s in the world from Rock Island Auctions. It looks like absolute hell, but when I saw the listing it was like watching one of those ASPCA commercials with the one-eyed puppies and Sarah McLachlan in the background, and I...
  4. Featured Ads
    where is the unicorn 🦄 horn? It’s probably easier to get a right hand side plate from the EU than to get this dopey little part or parts assembly with chain. I’m open to getting a reproduction. But I prefer an original. But I’m pragmatic. So beggars can’t be choosers. Sometimes you got to settle...
  5. Tripods
    Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted here and it's great to see this forum is still going strong. I'm looking at restoring a 1910 Maxim wheeled carriage mount with the piano storage box for a spare lock. It was caked in hardened cosmoline to the point where nothing wanted to move...
  6. Other Military Firearms
    All - I am assembling a non-firing MG 08 Display Gun. I have a set of uncut 08 barrel extension plates off a 1918 Spandau 08 (Serial # 4515). Sorry no cash sales. I will trade for a set of CUT 08 barrel extension plates plus some other small MG 08 parts I am in need of. Here's list of parts...
  7. Other Military Firearms
    I have a m1910 maxim wheeled mount but missing the shield. Looking to buy the shield and mounting pin or just the mounting pin. I mount my 1919a4 on it, fits like a glove. I read that the shield does not fit with a 1919. I'm going to cut the shield away enough for it to work. If anyone knows...
1-7 of 7 Results