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  1. Water Cooled
    So not long ago, I ended up with a deactivated Mg08/15 feed block. The sliding mechanism had been welded to the housing at a single point (Courtesy of Uncle Sam post war). To add insult to injury, they also broke the arm on the bottom of the block as is commonly encountered in the doughboy...
  2. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    Although quite a tangent from the serious gun user/live firer, for interest to supplement the 08 & 08/15 thread, images of my Imperial German 'propaganda' postcard collection.
  3. Other Military Firearms
    Left overs from various display gun projects: If interested, please PM with shipping address so I can estimate postage. Can send additional pics Postal MOs preferred; Personal checks - once they clear, will ship. SORRY - Sales ONLY to U.S. based buyers, shipped to U.S. address (NO APO)...
  4. Other Military Firearms
    All - I am assembling a non-firing MG 08 Display Gun. I have a set of uncut 08 barrel extension plates off a 1918 Spandau 08 (Serial # 4515). Sorry no cash sales. I will trade for a set of CUT 08 barrel extension plates plus some other small MG 08 parts I am in need of. Here's list of parts...
1-4 of 4 Results