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  1. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    Has anyone ever removed the MG34 barrel jacket from the barrel jacket extension? It appears to have been screwed in but I am not sure if the screws from the retaining clip help hold it in place or if it was sweated in there. I have never really seen one without the extension so its hard to...
  2. Other Military Firearms
    asking $4,000 obo Anyone whos tried to build this gun realizes its impossible almost to make. Lots of machining and welding. So take one thats 90% done. So I bought this from a friend fully intending on being my dream gun not long ago. Then i walked into a even more complete full auto build...
  3. Misc Firearms
    Happened across this odd plunger that is a good bit longer than the standard ones in my possession. Is it just something some manufacturers did or is it possibly for one of the MG34 variants.
  4. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    Evening everyone, Would be interested in knowing a bit more about this metal buttstock photographed in a Prague museum, I'd assume it is post war production but besides that I haven't found any information on it. If anyone does have info on it I'd be very interested in learning more about it...
  5. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    Evening, is anyone aware of a way to remove the rear sight of the MG34 without the specific tool (pictured below). I would assume that someone has realized the thread size and a common bolt in that size may work.
  6. Misc Firearms
    I know one of the more knowledgeable members will know what this mark is from. Picked up the stock and buffer for a steal of a price figuring it was worth it for the metal German parts alone, but now I’m curious where the wood is from.
  7. Other Military Firearms
    Hi, i'm looking for an extra plunger + push button for the MG34 barrel shroud A25 and A27 PM me if you want to sell them. Thanks
  8. Other Military Firearms - Tech & Historical Info
    I picked up a very rare MG34/42 Fortress Feed Can at the SOS in Louisville KY. Any idea of the value if I go to resell? Any idea what the markings on this mean. Says EFS Inc. New York Thanks all for the info. Charles @Viking Arms
1-8 of 8 Results