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  1. WTB: Uncut M29 81mm mortar barrel

    Looking for a nice unmolested 81mm mortar M29 barrel. Thanks Jason
  2. WTB: Complete or Parts for US M120/M121 120mm Mortar

    Looking for tube, cup, bipod, baseplate etc. Thanks jason
  3. WTB: M30 4.2" Mortar items

    Looking for in USA or overseas (does not matter) Finders fee paid 1. Part Number: 7144189 NSN: 1015-00-714-4189 Description: Elevating Screw Housing Assembly Or a complete uncut front Standard would be find (T&E) 2. Need 2x Part Number: 11578073 NSN: 1015-00-805-3266 Description...
  4. WTS seamless .3in wall oil field unused gun tubes

    I have approx 580 oil field perforating gun tubes that were never sent down hole, they were never shot...I had to take them apart and inherited the pipes...I have the plastic thread protectors and the subs that go in each end...They will sit out here and rust away unless someone wants some...
  5. FS 60mm mortar reloading materials

    Misc Ad Board
    Hey guys, I have mortar motors, brass primer holders, and the reloading die for sale. As many as you want. we can take credit card or you can send a money order. Price is: plastic mortar motors (hold about 55 grains of bullseye) .50 each sold in bag of 100. brass primer holder $ 10.00 each...
  6. WTB: 4.2" M1 or M1A1 Mortar or parts thereof

    WTB: 4.2" M1 or M1A1 Mortar or parts thereof Thanks Jason