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  1. Free m2 repro tripod parts

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    I have a lot of M2 repro tripod parts that I realize I will do nothing with. I posted them for sale a couple of years ago and did not get a bite. I guess I need to get them out of the way. All or nothing, free for the taking, the first "I'll take them" gets them but please be sure you can...
  2. 30-06 Belt Holding Pawls for Sale - $6 and $5 plus a stamp

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    I have 30 cal (30-06) belt holding pawls for sale. I have two types; the type with a spring pocket and those with a smooth face. The pawls with the spring pocket are $6 and the smooth face pawls are $5. To be clear, these are the small, spring-loaded pawls that are attached to the trunion and...
  3. WTS 1919a4 Izzy Partial Parts Kit

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    Sold my DLO 1919a4 so I am selling off the remainder of my 1919a4 stuff. Time to move on to other things. Have a partial 1919a4 parts kit for sale. You get everything in the picture except for the stripped carrying handles. Asking $900.00 plus shipping. Payment via USPS Money Order. Not for sale...
  4. Fs parts lot

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    Here is another parts lot of all kinds of random parts and accessories. There are a ton of springs/retainers, random gun parts (triggers, shotgun parts), synthetic PSL/FPK furniture, a few magazines, new condition 1911 parts/grips, FAL handguard, hogue grips, 8mm and 30-06 ammo....etc...
  5. 1919 parts updated list

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    Hello all, I have managed to purchase a significant lot of 1919 parts , all 30-06. I have about 4 different kinds of top covers, all the same dimensions but small details make them different $30.00 bolt extensions that are still packed in the cosmoline an cardboard $30.00 slight use lock...
  6. WTS: S&W Revolver & Colt 1911 Parts - Factory,Vintage & Quality Aftermarket

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    WTS: S&W Revolver & Colt 1911 Parts - Factory,Vintage & Quality Aftermarket Below is a partial list from my parts cache that I have reluctantly decided to sell as part of my workshop clean-up. Normal routine applies, first "I'll take it" w/ PM follow up. Payment via money order preferred...