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  1. WTS Odd and antique ammunition CLEANING OUT!!

    Misc Ad Board
    I have to make room in the shop, wanted to do a bullet board but will never get around to it. If anyone is close enough to do a local pickup (73 miles west of Houston) come shop...I have tons of stuff...but this is all I have time to list for now. All of this ammo has no promise behind it...
  2. Fs wc844 / h335 smokeless powder

    Misc Ad Board
    I have an almost 900lb supply of WC844 equivalent to H335 powder for sale. $17/lb. Can send it in any quantity. I take credit card or you can send money order call 979 739 5597. If some supplier wants it all I am willing to negotiate. You are welcome to come pick up as well, located about 73...
  3. FS 300 blackout brass

    Misc Ad Board
    I have a large amount of 300 blackout brass for sale. Asking .15/each. They are new manufacture from once fired .223 brass. They have never been fired as a 300. They got wet in a flood and I dried them out in an oven immediately, but a little tumble may be desired. I can take credit card or...
  4. FS 60mm mortar reloading materials

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    Hey guys, I have mortar motors, brass primer holders, and the reloading die for sale. As many as you want. we can take credit card or you can send a money order. Price is: plastic mortar motors (hold about 55 grains of bullseye) .50 each sold in bag of 100. brass primer holder $ 10.00 each...
  5. WTS HXP Greek & Lake City 3006 .30cal brass 1300 casings $220.00 delivered

    The Ammo Dump
    I have Greek HXP and Lake City brass casings for sale. I have them bagged up in bags of 100 in the following amounts: Greek HXP 3006 casings x 11 bags of 100 = 1100 HXP Greek casings Lake City 3006 casings x 1 bag of 100 = 100 Lake City casings Lake City & HXP Greek Mixed x 1 bag of 100 = 100...