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  1. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Israeli 308 parts kit Semi auto side plate The internal parts have been machined to convert to semi auto Semi trigger group Extra 30-06 barrel and booster Bipod Assembly Tripod with pintle mount T&E Assembly The side plate has not been riveted. The kit does not include the rivets. I can send...
  2. 1919a4 Ad Board
    Looking to purchase right hand semi side plate for 1919A4 KMP, Halo, etc 80% or 100% are fine Also looking for bucking bars, air hammer rivet piece as well Thanks.
  3. Tripods
    Looking for an uncut right side plate with mil marks. Have the left with ammo can bracket. Will buy Send a PM if you have one to sell. Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results