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  1. Correct 1910 Maxim Carriage Paint Reccomendations?

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted here and it's great to see this forum is still going strong. I'm looking at restoring a 1910 Maxim wheeled carriage mount with the piano storage box for a spare lock. It was caked in hardened cosmoline to the point where nothing wanted to move...
  2. WTS: MG3 Bundeswehr Ground Tripod (Complete with Optics) & Yugo M53 Lafette 42 Tripod

    Other Military Firearms
    WTS: MG3 Bundeswehr Ground Tripod (Complete with Optics) & Yugo M53 Lafette 42 Tripod Selling off some MG tripods I no longer use. --- The MG3 post-war Bundeswehr tripod is in good condition. Have used it with my TNW MG-34 with a Lafette 42 adapter block with no modifications done to the...
  3. Free m2 repro tripod parts

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    I have a lot of M2 repro tripod parts that I realize I will do nothing with. I posted them for sale a couple of years ago and did not get a bite. I guess I need to get them out of the way. All or nothing, free for the taking, the first "I'll take them" gets them but please be sure you can...
  4. M1917A1 Cradle - need 4 Screws!!!

    I have gathered all the parts to assemble my cradle with the new repro fork. But I need four small screws described in the 17A1 TM as: Screw, fil-hd No. 6 (0.138) – 40NF – 2x 5/16 2 screws mount Traversing Screw Bearing to outside of left side plate; 2 screws mount Traversing Click...
  5. M1914 Marlin Potato Digger Tripod - looking for tripod or parts to tripod

    Looking to acquire a M1914 tripod for the Marlin version of the Potato Digger. The short leg version with the wooden elbow rest. Or parts I need to rebuild an existing one. Parts - all handles to tighten down the cradle, elevation and traverse; pin to mount gun onto cradle. Legs both front...
  6. M1914 Marlin "Potato Digger" Tripod - Need Dimensions

    All - over the fall I acquired a tripod for the Marlin Potato Digger (WWI version of Colt). The tripod was a wreck, came out of an old VFW years ago and looks like someone dropped if from the roof of the building on the way out. Legs were broken off, the tripod base and the swivel base to...
  7. M1917 (NOT 17A1) Tripod Literature, manuals, exposed drawings

    Looking for copies of technical repair/maintenance manuals and detailed exposed drawings for the WWI M1917 tripod for the M1917 Browning MG. Are there any online sources too? Thank you in advance for any responses.
  8. For Sale: Tripods and Gun Mount

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    For Sale: MG42 Tripod- EXCELLENT I have the following mounts for sale: Bren tripod-super clean no dents, no rust, stops included--- SOLD German MG42/MG1/Mg3 tripod w/optics-Close to New as it gets $425.00 (Night vision scope for this tripod available at extra cost) Israeli Lightweight...