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  1. Misc Firearms
    Howdy! I just picked up a Vickers in 8mm Mauser, trying to get it re-chambered in 7.62x54R. I'll be sending off my lock/feedblock to Bob Naess to have those modified to work with 7.62x54R, but he no longer works on barrels. I have a Finnish M1910 Maxim barrel coming, does anyone know anyone who...
  2. Other Military Firearms
    I am restoring an ex-Turk, WWI smooth jacket Vickers non-firing display gun. Keeping it as a display gun, but want to bring it back to WWI configuration with period parts. Attached is photo of water jacket - serial #B1069 with VSM stamp above. I removed the sight base. Built in late 1917 at...
  3. Water Cooled
    I have a WWI, 1918 dated Vickers crosshead. It has a steel elevation wheel instead of one made of bronze. Was this a WWI change, post WWI or WWII? Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. Other Military Firearms
    All - looking to purchase a steam tube and it's retaining screw for the WWI Vickers fluted water jacket. Building a WWI Vickers non-functioning display gun. Water jacket I have is from 1918 and DP marked. Thank you WWImg
  5. Misc Firearms
    I have a complete, original Vickers lock made by Colt for the Russian contract Vickers guns in 7.62X54R. All parts Colt u/v marked. Lock is like new. This is not for sale, simply looking to understand what other Vickers collectors would value it at. Thanks, Joe
1-5 of 5 Results