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  1. Other Military Firearms
    Does anyone have a NOS M2HB Cal .50 Left Side Pawl Bracket that they are willing to sell for $100 + $15 shipping? Let me know. I think it's part #: 5504059, but it might be part #: 6128730. Thanks!
  2. Tripods
    Hi there. Recently just got my first 1919 and I’m looking for a stand so I’m not limited to just a bipod. Not looking to spend over $700. Interested in any tripod that’ll make shooting enjoyable! Tall tripods included. Thanks in advance! I’m located in eastern NC as well, if anyone is local.
  3. Other Military Firearms
    Hi, i'm looking for an extra plunger + push button for the MG34 barrel shroud A25 and A27 PM me if you want to sell them. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results