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  1. Tripods
    Have a very nice NOS (in original shipping box) WW2 30/50 cradle for sale. $10,000 Thanks Jason
  2. Misc Firearms
    Hi guys. I’m new. Basically, I like WW2 and Soviet-era blank firing replicas .
  3. Open Talk
    WTB: demilled m1 Thompson receiver/ receiver Parts! Prefer early saw cut but beggars can’t be choosers. if You have anything available pls PM me or email me at [email protected]
  4. Misc Ad Board
    I have few Suomi Coffin magazines in excellent condition. https://www.fotosik.pl/aukcje/1482622/94bfcdfd53d507dd and few loaders : $ 25,- (one loaders) and few set (Four magazines, loader, cleaning kit, leather pouch): $ 400,- I am sending all packages from Europe. Parcels will be...
  5. Misc Firearms
    I recently acquired this all matching BNZ MP40 Parts kit. Every part is numbered except for the mag well not shown in the pic. The barrel seems to be plugged with something like melted led. Thoughts on kit? Value? Thanks for your help ~Pat
  6. Artillery
    Going to form 1 this as the breech and barrel are perfect. It has a .50 bmg subcal tack welded in it to remove it from NFA purview. Should have it middle of next week. It was one of the last ones to be made as it has a 1937 date on the breech. Best part, it came with the unobtainaium correct...
  7. Misc Ad Board
    I have a full sized 37mm antitank gun replica for sale. It was put together from photos and parts i could find. it is not exact but the traverse and elevation work and it has a removable black powder cannon insert that is included. it is all metal ,no wood. I am moving to hawaii so its up for...
1-7 of 7 Results