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17A1 BFA Question

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Ok, I made my bfa from an original 17A1 bfa TiG'd to an extra bushing for my '28 water jacket. Fits perfectly and the barrel unlock co-incides with the relief holes in the bfa. Great. Do I need to have extra packing to prevent blow by into the jacket or does this even matter? The manual says nothing about what this will do to the packings. I assume it's no biggie cuz the Army did it for years, but I can't requisition a new, F/A 1917A1. Also, who here is good at re-bushing a water jacket with the threads blown out! Just in case I 'F this up real good. Any and all opinions, facts, and thoughts will be much obliged. Thanks, Frazer42
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It works!

FYI, after a little jacking-with, my '17A1 runs sweet on 30-06 crimped blanks. The only drawback is the filthy condition it leaves my end-cap in, black as the ace of spades. I used an "0" ring to keep the crap out of my packings and slathered blue wheeel bearing grease on it to help. Thanks for looking! J
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