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Normally I would say Gunbroker or Brownell's, only problem is the pics generally suck, so you don't know what you've bought 'til it's in your hands.

Don't know exactly where you live in Kentucky, or how far you are from Knoxville TN, they have several gun shows up there every season. Guy sells grips for all kinds of pistols, literally over a hundred different types for 1911s, will custom make anything you want. That's where I picked up a $45 set for my customized 1927 Argentine last year, beauty of the laminate wood and checkering stopped me in my tracks, was too nice to pass up, that's something digital pics can't show very well. And yes, I get hounded on the range, people always trying to buy the pistol, or get me to sell those grips. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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