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1917 cradle dimensions?

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hey guys, does anyone have a 1917 NOT a 1917a1 cradle they would share the outside dimensions and hole spacing with me? I would like to make two sideplates.thx
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Plenty Doable, I've built a lot of stuff with less than that.. Those are REALLY good pics...

You guys DO understand that the side plates ARE the easy part, Right ???? The pintle pic is Great, and I used it to look at other cradle pics in Dolf's book and if you look there is a boss on the back. In other pics it shows some kind of lock or something that connects to the flange around the aszmith (sp) ring.. Any Ideas ???

The other place it starts to get intresting is the elevation setup..Most folks also forget to look at all the LITTLE parts involved in a project like this..While not as many as in a 1917A1 tripod, there still are a lot of them...Lou
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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