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1917 cradle dimensions?

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hey guys, does anyone have a 1917 NOT a 1917a1 cradle they would share the outside dimensions and hole spacing with me? I would like to make two sideplates.thx
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Unless you absolutly are determined to make your own sideplates for the 1917A1 mount you might try Numrich Gun Parts. In a recent ad in the Shotgun News they were selling the right side plate for about $45.00 I have seen one of these and it was in the grease and wrapped in a govt rap covered with wax. In their catalog (#29) they also list the left side plate for $26.40. Part numbers are: Left side plate 32450, Right sideplate 32460. They list the right sideplate in the catalog for $25.35 but the ad in the Shotgun news shows the higher price so the price of the left plate may be higher also. Numrich phone is 866-689-7424, or you can go online and get the latest prices.
Sorry about that. I read the question and it just didn't register for some reason. Yes I do know the difference between the two types. But other than in pictures I have never even seen the M1917.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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