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The Browning series as a little finger that sticks down off of the feed pawl that is designed to prevent the belt from advancing in the event the round in the feed tray does not get extracted (an anti-double feed device). Basically, it rides up on the next round in line and prevents the belt pawl from grabbing the belt to advance it.

When the Izzys converted the 1919s to 308, they had to make a new belt pawl that has a jog to the rear, so it would clear the link/belt and the double feed device will function correctly. This is because the 308 round is shorter than the 3006.

In order for this new "finger" to clear the belt pawl slot in the feed cover, a taper was cut into the underside of the feed cover. You can do this with a hand file if you have an example to copy (like the feed cover off of your 308 kit). If you do this, and install your feed pawl from the 308 kit, it will work.

The belt holding pawl in the LSP and trunnion is also almost double the size, so you have to either use the parts from an Izzy conversion, or modify your LSP and trunnion (if you get a 3006 water jacket, good luck!).

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