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I just received two 1917A1 Barrels in .30-06. One is marked RIA and parked, the other no marks and nicely blued.

The blued 1917A1 barrel is somewhat different from all the barrels I ever handled, including 1919a4, in that the ferrulled detent notches at the base of the barrel, behind the barrel threads, are very short. The width of the detent notches are exact to the thickness of the spring stock used on the barrel headspace retaining spring that locks the barrel in place on the barrel extension.

It would appear that the headspace is preset by the manufacturer. 'One size fits all'. There is no 'click' forward or rearward. Too tight means the spring would have to be pulled out of the retaining notch and rest on solid barrel metal, prone to shifting; and too loose implies the spring would not engage with the barrel at all. The barrel would still be prone to shifting with use. The extension is threaded on and locked in only one exact spot.

Were there some barrels that were made for ease of installation with a generic miked headspace done at the factory? Of course if this one size fits all setting does not work for me I can always set the optimum spot by grinding my own spring detent if needed.

Did anyone ever see a barrel like this?
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