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1917A1 barrel

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Since I havent forked out the $150 bucks yet for a barrel could anyone tell me how long a 1917A1 barrel is? I bought what I think is an earlier version of the barrel covers. I have about 90% (missing 4 or 5 inches) of a demilled barrel and it fits like a glove in the bag. It would seem like the double flap is there to hold something heavy so I dont think its some kinda flag bag.

This picture is not that clear ,but I think this is the same bag.

Thanks Craig
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Hi Craig,

The 1917A1 barrel is 24 in. long....Lou
1917A1 Barrel

Thanks Lou

I always figured that a 17A1 barrel was a little longer than an A4 ,but they are the same.

Im hopeing the bag is for the barrel. Ive been looking for something like it for sometime. The M9 barrel covers are just kinda sloppy and oversized and dont fit in the cart brackets very well.

Well, just so you know, the A4 barrel is slightly longer than an 1917 barrel.. I seem to be working on a fair amount of them these days:D

I'm kind of wondering what kind of info might be in Dolf Goldsmith's next Vol. I've got the first 2, and I think I heard where the next might have more on accessories...Lou
The rear bearing area on a '17 barrel is also 1/8" less in diameter than a 1919 so a '17 barrel would slop around in a 1919 trunny...Lou discovered this in developing his water cooled unit.
Craig, the pouch you have is definitley for the 17/17a1. The image below is a scan of the 43' dated SNL A5, for the m1917a1. Sorry for the late reply. Chris.:eek:

http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g306/bmbrzmn101/SNL A-5/514365f5.jpg
I have ORD 7,8,9 1944 versions and they do not show a picture of the cover. It really has that prewar look and feel so my guess would be that it could be a pre war cover like the one pictured with my M1 cart.

I feel kinda silly now I have maybye a dozen 1917/17A1 books and all of them show the barrel at 24". should have looked harder.

Thanks for posting the manual page. I always like to have proof before I make to big of a claim.

I should have included this earlier, but here is the link to the rest of the ord manual scan.:D


http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g306/bmbrzmn101/SNL A-5/
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