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1917A1 BMG Barrels vs. 1928 BMG Barrels

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Does anyone know why the 1928 Colt Browning Barrels are threaded at the muzzle, whereas, the 1917a1 barrels are not?


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The fine thread found on the 1928 barrels are for a Colt blank firing device used with wood tipped blank rounds, the head space notches are for the coil spring loaded keeper on the barrel extension.

Thanks Mark!

I can now rest assure my 1917 barrels will work with my M1928 colt semi.

I use them all the time...no difference.

I appreciate Mark explaining those threads...I'd asked before and no one knew.

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You can find photo and line drawing on page 27 of "Colt Automatic Machine Guns and Rifles" printed by Class Three Ordnance Fairfax, VA 703-378-9464 with out a doubt the finest book you can get on Colt machine guns. Rick from BMG Parts had them for sale, give him a call.

How do you post pictures here?

Hi Lobo,

Please advise how you post pic's. Some have asked me to post pics of my project.

Thanks to all,

Edit your photos using your photo software that came with your camera to a size no bigger than 650 pix in any one direction. Save your photos under My Pictures on your hard drive. Sign up on Imageshack.com http://reg.imageshack.us/v_images.php for free. Hit Upload Images and go thru the process of putting them on Imageshack. Under the Embeddable Code heading to the right of the photo, left click on the top line that starts with
to highlight it and then right click to copy it and then paste it into your post here. Uh-buh-buh-deep, buh-buh-deep, that's all folks.
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Sounds like a plan!

Thanks Lobo.:D
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