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1919 30-06 Blank Adapter?

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I have aquired a few "new" pieces for a 1919, specifically a blank adapter/booster, cartridge guide, and live round stop. At least that is what I think the parts are. Can someone point me to the pages with pictures in the manuals here to verify? The booster has part number 6110325 stamped on it and is 2.125 inches from edge of threads to muzzle end (not OAL). Based on where I obtained the parts they can also be from one of the foreign 1919 clones. Also do .308 blanks require a different booster than 30-06? OK, I know I'm going backwards from live fire... shall we now say fire for effect?
Thank you.

If anybody is looking for blanks in .45 ACP, 8MM, or 30-06 I know of somebody making new blanks.
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I use a gillette BFA and custom make my own stops.( just epoxy on an al. strip of correct thickness to a modified 7.62 stop)
The Guilette BFA is tuneable [via drilled plugs] as are the stops I make.
There are way too many different blanks out there for a USGI, Izzy setup.
Therefore the tuneable set ups.
Besides, the Guilette BFA is not coned but looks just like a regular booster. It is stamped with BFA on the front which I filled in with paint for safety's sake.
Although your set up is a great accessory to add to the collection, it was made for specific blanks; although it might work well with some blanks it wont work with them all.
I perused the manuals I have and came up with a mention on the last pages 113/114 of FM 23-55 dated July 1965.
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