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This is a panoramic sight for the 1919 I believe it is Swedish.
The date is stamped on the rear 1941.
All adjustments are crisp.
Bubble levels are all filled with fluid and clean and clear.
Eye piece is in excellent condition.
Sight is bright and clear.
It comes with the original leather case that is serial numbered to the sight.
It also comes with an adapter plate so it mounts to any 1919.
Guys I have no Idea what this is worth.
If i'm too high, shoot me an offer and if I'm way too low please somebody tell me.
Thanks Mike
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Swedish M/36 scope

I have seen these before. I believe it is used on the Swedish Kulspruta m/36 (KSP m/1936) which I believe is based on the John browning M1917A1. I think on the M/36 the sight actually mounted to the tripod. I have no idea of the value of these scopes.
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