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Camera accessory Toy Wood Machine Metal

Machine Art Metal Personal protective equipment Fashion accessory

Toy Camera accessory Chair Machine Gun accessory

Camera accessory Wood Tripod Art Cameras & optics

The German AA tripod with a 1919 cradle and the 1919 cradle that attaches to 1919 pintle are in excellent condition. My wife and I used these last two when we would travel around to machine gun shoots. These are great pieces for folks who want to shoot and not drag their valuable mounts to the range.

I have post these items here first and will post later this week on other sites. I do not want to ship at this time due to my schedule issues but will be in Phoenix this week and can meet up at the SAR show area for pick up.

AA Tripod adapted with 1919 cradle...$750
1919 Tripod cradle...$400
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