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1919 Tripod - 1928 Colt Tripod

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I have two tripods and was wondering the going price these days.

I have an original Appliance and one Lamson both 1942, never repainted, no holes in feet both with pintle and T&E.

Also have a 28 colt tripod in pieces. Sand blasted, reparked and ready for assembly (might be a few pieces missing)

Sorry, no pics at this time...... PS...these might be for sale for the right price.
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Clint, I believe the M2 pods are around $650-$850 w/t&e's if they have the brass plates and no Izzy holes in the feet. The 1928 pods are $1000 give or take. Let me know if your gonna sell the Lamson pod, I need one more for another gun I built.

PS. Met you at Brian's build party and liked that 50 you were hauling around too. :D
Don't hold me to those prices, I paid $750 for an Izzy one myself w/the T&E. That was the first one I bought. Second one I stumbled on was USGI and I paid less, Go figure.:confused:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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