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1919a4 Sight Question

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RE: 1919a4 Sight Question

1. On the Izzy units is the rear ladder site graduated in meters or are they in yards and how doe you identify it as being metric if it is. (Mine starts at 2 and goes up to 18)

2. What yardage or meters is the half peep sight set for when the ladder sight is folded down it looks to be between 250-300 yards or meters?

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It's in hundred meters (200 to 1800).

For use with an area fire weapon (like the 1919) I wouldn't worry about converting from meters to yards.
When you lay it down it is for 100 yards in 30-06.

Cool just trying to get my build semi sighted in just wanna get it close thats all didn't know whether it was meters or yards so that will help...

Thanks guys
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