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1927A-1 Thompson Semi Auto

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I'm thinking of getting one of these with the detachable butt stock. Are the new ones any better than the old ones? They look to be made well and have corrected some of the problems that I could find out about (Cutts comp pinned in place, rear sight mounted with screws). What's your thoughts about them good or bad. Thanks for your help!!:D
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I was looking to get an Auto Ord but was talked out of the purchase by the salesman at SARCO,"they all are crap". "Better off building your own."
Hard to believe that a company would ramp up and produce crap and charge premium bucks for it. But after having a TNW M2HB fail for a faulty breech lock I wonder. The TNW failure was due to a sub standard part that escaped the system and trickled into the market. The Auto Ord Thompsons are (as far as I know) completely made at the factory. No reason for a crappy product. It just may be the stuff made from parts kits are better????? I've heard the TNW BARs are great. My Valkerie grease gun is about fair. Some how the stuff I build gets no compliants but there are countless threads about "store bought" A4s and M2 variants from certain manufactures. Would anyone care to elaborate on this? Is it poor QC? Bad design? With the A4s I don't think it's a learning curve as I have an early Lee Machine &Tool in an Izzy kit that runs like a preacher's dick up a calves' ass. So what going on here???
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