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1927A-1 Thompson Semi Auto

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I'm thinking of getting one of these with the detachable butt stock. Are the new ones any better than the old ones? They look to be made well and have corrected some of the problems that I could find out about (Cutts comp pinned in place, rear sight mounted with screws). What's your thoughts about them good or bad. Thanks for your help!!:D
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I have a WH Auto Ordnance LW 1927a1. I bought it used and did some smithing on the bolt, trigger to get it to shoot half way good. I had to put in a new Khar bolt which had to be milled to fit, and now it runs without a hitch with every pull of the trigger. It even runs with my bridgeport drum flawlessly with all 50rds.
I would say that it would be fine to get a new one. Install a 1928 lyman sight, early drum, and lots of ammo.
Watch out using reloads from a friend, I ran a drum full that he made along with a double charge. It didn't hurt the gun or anyone, but made a large blast out the ejection port. Had to dig case out with niddlenose pliers.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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