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1927a1 west hurly

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does anyone know of a good source for a horizontal foregrip and stock for a 1927a1,I would like to convert mine to look more like a wwII piece.as for the barrel I can only put a 16 1/2" on it because of nys law. thanks
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Dan Block

Yes, Dan Block is a great guy to talk to over the phone, but one must be patient as he takes a list (no money up front) which today reminds me to remind him, etc.

Well, as long as I did not pay anything out, I can only hope to get Dan's talent to work for me.

Sportsmans guide had one listed, but the thing was so BLOND, looked like it was milled out of rock maple, and will never match the look of an original, I do not care how good you are with stain.

Sportsmand guide also sells the M1928 carry bag, in two patterns. I bought one with 4 x 20 rd mag slots attached. Like the original. Yet, they made theirs too short (only a 1928 without compensator) will work in it. Likely I will have to modify the bag in some way, but who has the time for this crap).

Remember - the foregrip rails come in two dimensions 1/2" and 3/4". I do not remember which was full auto or semi auto Khar, west Hurley, etc. BUT MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE OUT YOURS WHEN ORDERING.
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