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Updating older post to reflect remaining 1928 Colt accessories that I still have.

Very hard to find complete 1928 colt spare parts box #1 and all spare parts. I believe every single part is there, if you think something is missing let me know. Most boxes you find are either missing a lot of parts or have parts from other guns thrown in instead of the correct parts. It has been years since I have seen one of these boxes for sale in this level of completeness. $1,500 plus actual insured shipping.
DSC_4838.JPG DSC_4839.JPG DSC_4840.JPG DSC_4841.JPG

Rare and hard to find Argentinian manual for the 1928 Colt machine gun (in Spanish of course) with all fold outs present. Nice solid book with good binding and no torn pages. $125 plus actual insured shipping.
DSC_4792.JPG DSC_4793.JPG

Very rare and hard to Argentinian Infantry/Calvary hand held Zeiss plotter for laying in a machine gun or artillery section. This one is in very good condition. $200 plus actual insured shipping.
DSC_4795.JPG DSC_4797.JPG

Very rare and hard to Argentinian Infantry/Calvary hand held Zeiss range finder for estimating ranges for a machine gun crew. This one is in very good condition with case, manual, range finder, and support monopod. $450 plus actual insured shipping. Shown in use on this site: Optical and Orientation Instruments
DSC_4800.JPG DSC_4801.JPG DSC_4798.JPG

First I will take it followed by a PM gets one. Please ask any questions prior to saying you will take it. Thanks for looking.
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