1928 Colt semi auto with tripod only - no optic. Gun was built from original 28 parts. Has 1928 Colt left side plate and correct internals. Since it is a home built the right side plate will discretely have my info on it with whatever number you want. Uses KMP semi trigger and sear. Barrel is USGI .30-06. Tripod is Colt with stops. This is a complete ready to go setup. This is one of my favorite pieces but I’m looking to paying my mortgage off by the time I’m 62 so it’s time to start parting with some stuff.

This has to go gents - I can separate the tripod, gun or optic.

I can email whatever other pic’s you want.

Reduced price - 8,000 plus shipping for the gun and tripod only.

Shipping will be actual to your FFL – I build plywood crates when I ship so there is no chance of damage. It will not be cheap.