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1945 MG34s?

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Are these from ww2? i not sure about them but i have a 1945 dated one the serial number is 4956 a, is this a rarer gun like 45 k98s? or not a piece that should be held onto? any info is welcome.
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Post War

More than likely, as much as I have found, all these '34s are Czech built guns. Some have the acceptance stamps, but most do not. Most are phosphated with blued barrel shrouds. A lack of waffenampts on the front end is the dead giveaway. DOT seems to be the most common Mfr. Topcovers are usually renumbered. Hope this helps. Frazer

Do the big parts have Waffenampts? Lots of them? I have a kit like this on my gun and everyone who sees it sez its post war. Few if any waffenampts and no army acceptance mark. All my other kits and spares are covered up in marks. I will bet a small amount of money it is post war. Maybe like five dollars. Frazer
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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