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1st 1919a4 project completed!!!! Well guys its done the first of possibely 2. I may have to build a steamer... As I mentioned to a few members on the forum I was taking her to the range Monday and I have returned safely.

Video Link:

Range report: Well... should I say damned near close to perfect.:D My 1919 fed both off of links and cloth belts without fail. There was one minor link jam on exit No biggy after it was clear it did not happen again in the hundred rounds shot. Beyond that I new I had a weak trigger return spring already so it was no surprise that I had to manually reset the trigger multiple times. I will put emphasis on this for any builder... Please Please read any post you can find on this forum regarding jams, failures, Safety procedures, and Setup. It will save you a lot of time from the get go... Be well informed and you two can have the same success

I would like to thank the following:

Shots, Loboslanding, 1919a4, and the other key members of this forum for offering the guidance and support needed to complete this project.

Daves100 for the great Right Side Plate and 30calmachinegunner for the fantastic service he provides on milling parts and quick turn around time. Also Karma metal products for my Right front Cartridge stops. Other suppliers CenterfireSystems (Nice parts set) Military Gun Supply/WLA (Trigger and Sear) and Coles Distributing (Tripod-great customer service)

I think that covers it all...
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